Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2001-02-25 Sunday Simpsons Season 12 Episode 14: NAVY & N SYNC

I saw this when it aired originally in the year 2001 in February, the 25th, on a Sunday night at 8 PM on FOX, PST Pacific standard time from and at my original house 163.
I saw this episode of the Simpsons, season 12, episode 14.
It had N Snyc and it recruited people to the Navy to fight other countries and to blow up Sadam with bombs and this was seven months before the 9/11 World Trade Attack that the NWO did on the USA with and through the USA government and with the help of others too.
In around July 2001, Osama Bin Laden was in a hospital in Sweden.



Report: bin Laden treated at US hospital
By Elizabeth Bryant

     PARIS, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- A CIA agent allegedly met with suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden in July, while the Saudi underwent treatment for kidney problems at an American hospital in Dubai, France's Le Figaro newspaper reported Wednesday.
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Pennsylvania Avenue shut
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      Bin Laden reportedly checked into the American Hospital Dubai, a 100-bed, acute-care general hospital, July 4 and stayed until July 14. He arrived from Quetta, Pakistan, accompanied by his personal doctor and a close aide -- possibly Ayman el Zawahiri, a leader of Egypt's Islamic Jihad, now bin Laden's right hand man, the newspaper said
     . Le Figaro cited a "professional partner" linked to the hospital's management as its source.
      Besides a stream of local dignitaries and family members, bin Laden's visitors included a local CIA agent, the newspaper reported. The agent was widely recognized locally, Le Figaro said, and later told several friends of the meeting.
      The alleged American spy was called back to the CIA's McLean, Va., headquarters July 15 -- a day after bin Laden checked out, Le Figaro reported, citing "authorized sources."
      Why bin Laden would have met with a CIA officer -- or vice versa -- is unclear. Even before the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, the Saudi millionaire figured among America's top terrorist suspects, blamed for several earlier plots against U.S. targets, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
      But the French newspaper asserted CIA-bin Laden links stretched back years, and appeared to suggest bin Laden gave the agency information regarding future terrorist strikes.
      "The Dubai meeting is therefore a logical follow to a "certain American policy," the newspaper said.
      In particular, the newspaper noted that just two weeks after bin Laden checked out of the Dubai hospital, United Arab Emirates security agents arrested the alleged mastermind of a plot to blow up the American Embassy in Paris. The suspect, a French-Algerian named Djamel Beghal, earlier confessed to receiving his orders from bin Laden, according to French news media citing his written confession.
      An American diplomat in Paris refused to comment on the Figaro article, or on reported allegations of an emergency meeting in Paris in August, between high level French and American intelligence officials.
      "We're just not comment any of that stuff," he said. "We can't talk about meetings like that may or may not have happen."
      Le Figaro said bin Laden had serious kidney problems, and reportedly had a dialysis machine imported to Afghanistan last year. Citing a March 2000 report by Asia Week, the newspaper said bin Laden's illness stemmed from "a renal infection that has spread to the liver, and needs specialized treatment."
      The head of the Dubai hospital's urology department, Terry Callaway, reportedly refused to answer questions about bin Laden's alleged stay. Radio France reported Wednesday the American hospital has denied bin Laden was treated there.

2017-01-22 Sunday Simpsons 12 TLJ

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017-01-15 SUNDAY 11 AM STAR WARS REBELS 313

2017-01-15 SUNDAY 11 AM: REBELS 313: WARHEAD: big alien man and the robots at the Chopper Base and a spy robot finds them and they reprogram that spy to go back to the Empire and it blows up a space ship and the Thrawn man is able to narrow his search down to a smaller list of possible star systems of where the rebels might be hiding at.
2017-01-15 SUNDAY 11 AM: REBELS RECON 313: I also watch the recap after show for each episode from Star Wars on YouTube
It is raining here in Saigon
I saw Le or that Vietnamese English Teacher from District 7 that I stayed the night at that one time in August or so 2014, over 2 years ago as it is January 2017 now. My name is Joey Arnold L4OJ JSA JOEYARNOLDVN Original Oatmeal Oregon Saigon Vietnam 1985
I saw Le today at the park on my way after rice egg street food breakfast on Pham Ngu Lao / Yersin street for 18K VND as I walk to cafe TLJ LL each day around 10 - 11 AM each day
I saw Le and his students at the 23/9 park
Talked to them and they asked me why I have no girl friend and I don't know
I am watching Simpsons season 7 still
I am trying to improve audio quality on my phone for making videos and audios
I still cannot get my laptop webcam to work since maybe September 2017 and I was online searching and then tried things on my laptop but failed Saturday
Everyday, I add or ask people to add me on Facebook and I make videos and write and talk and chat and stuff online and offline and I watch things and think and learn and teach everyday all the time


I think I saw at 2 PM in the afternoon Saturday, the 14th of January 2017 at TOUS LES JOURS 44 LE LOI Q1 HCM VN
I may have saw this second to last episode of the series, of this show, or at least of this third season, after 2 PM, or maybe even earlier, but probably about 2 PM after my normal noon class that I teach that day to Chinh Pham there like I do every other day there from 11 AM - 1 PM and the other days to his wife and that is to those two every other day for 7 days a week now since maybe October 2016 or around that time which was  about four months from now in January 2017 to October 2016 or maybe September.

1995-02-10 BILLY MADISON but saw later in 1995 probably

1996-02-16 HAPPY GILMORE but saw it later maybe FEBRUARY or maybe that summer at UNCLE JIM WILLIAM & KARENS HOUSE

1996-02-16 HAPPY GILMORE was released originally in USA theaters according to Wikipedia

Friday, January 13, 2017

2017-01-12 THURSDAY SIMPSONS 701

2017-01-13 FRIDAY NYE vs HAM CREATION vs EVOLUTION 2014-02-04
For more information on Ken Ham, go to Creation In Genesis:
I watched this 2:45:00 hours/minutes/seconds long debate on YouTube.
2014-02-04: this debate was posted on the Ham YouTube Channel it seems.
On this Friday night, the 13th of January 2017 in Saigon Vietnam, I watched the 2014 Ken Ham versus (vs) Bill Nye the Science Guy and Creation vs Evolution Debate on YouTube and I may have seen this debate or others like it before in my life as well. This debate was almost three hours long and I sat there listening and watching it this night. I downloaded a copy of it. You should watch it.
I remember that we saw Ham at Word Of Life Bible Institute New York when I was a student at that college from the years 2004 - 2006, at that WOLBI NY college and I am reminded of the many things I learned there and at ABC and during my life.
I am thankful for what I learn. Bill Nye did not always counter or go against what Ken Ham said and Nye talked about seeking after science and astrology and astronomy and biology and technology and different kinds of sciences for our world in what we observe in the present and not in the past as in history and that is what Christians do too and they agree on that kind of love and passion and focus and drive and Christians choose to believe that our lives and souls and mind and spirit and self awareness or consciousness continues to go on and my name is Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal Oregon born 1985 and was homeschooled and attended FGHS Forest Grove High School in Oregon & attended 5 years of college & was a Camp Counselor for 5 years at camps & I had other jobs & then became a teacher in Vietnam in 2012. I like to learn and I like to debate many different things with people. I love learning & I do not see how there cannot be a God. People who do not believe in God do borrow and steal logic and many things that Christians believe. You can see that genes turn off and on in DNA which therefore does not prove evolution or Darwinism or naturalism traced through from the big bang. Thank you for reading this and please leave me comments and we can talk about these things more and please look me up and please go look up Ken Ham and the Answers In Genesis . org website and you can find me and him and others in videos and articles & all over the world & please learn & share & teach everyday & continue in this info wars . com revolution and much more. Please share. Thanks.
2017-01-13 FRIDAY 11 PM AC THD Q1 HCM VN JSA

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017-01-07 SATURDAY SIMPSONS 501 at 3 PM

2017-01-04 WEDNESDAY SIMPSONS 401 to SATURDAY 2017-01-05 for SIMPSONS 501 at 3 PM

I watched and rewatched through season 4 for 4 days from Wednesday to Saturday
Simpsons 101, 201, 301
2017-01-01 SUNDAY
Simpsons 401
2017-01-04 WENDESDAY
Simpsons 501
2017-01-07 SATURDAY at 3 PM

Monday, January 2, 2017

2016-12-28 WEDNESDAY - 2017 SUNDAY = INFO WARS, YOUTUBE VIDEOS, random clips

2016-12-27 TUESDAY: IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE film 1946
2016-12-28 WEDNESDAY: random
2016-12-29 THURSDAY: random
2016-12-30 FRIDAY: random: 2nd to last day of 2016
2016-12-31 SATURDAY: random on the last day of 2016
2017-01-01 SUNDAY: SIMPSONS 101 & 201: first day of 2017
2017-01-02 MONDAY: SIMPSONS 301 on second day of 2017


Also had dreams around the second morning, Monday, of 2017, about being in America seeing church friends like Gasser and Rainwater and other church families and friends of Word Of Life and the Hillsboro Community Church which I attended during my teen years, my high school years and also in 2008 for a month
The dream was confusing and I do not know what happened in it exactly

2017-01-02 MONDAY 10 AM apx SIMPSONS 301 the third season MONDAY:

2017-01-01 SUNDAY Simpsons 1 & 2: AC & TLJ: all day and then season 3 on Monday

Watched through some of the first 2 seasons before in 2015 or so and now I am back to finish all of it this time around at the start of this new year in Vietnam, 2017