Sunday, August 7, 2016

2016-08-07 TheRemains

2016-08-07 TheRemains 11 PM AC THD Q1 HCM JA

Somehow, the girl was missing and then was dead in 1891 and the family went to see a witch for help and then the circle was broken because the father broke it by letting go, since they were holding hands AND IT SEEM THE GIRL WAS DEAD AND TAP THE PIANO ONCE FOR NO AND TWICE FOR YES and then the witch was possessed and started killing everybody and the house was later put on the market and people have died including now in 2016 where a new family moved in after the mother died and there was the boy and girl and the older teenage older sister who had a BF and went off to have fun with him and came back to see that her siblings killed the father because they got possessed and she went to burn the chess of personal belongings and called 911 and then the dead witch came back again to kill them and then a new family came in at 3 PM to move into the house and the agent sold the house again to a new family and the bad stuff happens at 3 AM at night and I am not happy because we cannot fight demons and ghosts without God's help and they play by different rules and we fight not against flesh and blood as the Bible says but against principalities and rulers an powers and things in high places and we cannot compete with spiritual things by our own strength and they try to compete by magic or without the help of Jesus Christ and that does not and cannot really work and that makes me sad and angry that they make these movies to trick us into being scared and in even thinking about fighting the monsters by ourselves and we cannot run away from them and they are NOT limited by time or by objects or anything apart from whatever God decides and only God can beat them and we do not stand a chance at beating monsters of that nature. JOEYARNOLDVN OATMEAL OREGON

Saturday, August 6, 2016

2016-08-06 Now You See Me 2: saw: 5 PM Sat TLJ LL Q1 HCM LT JA

Saw it at this website instead of a bit torrent:
This year, 2016, I was seeing movies via a bit torrent site where it would take me third party sites where I would download via a torrent download and then watch shows and films that way.
I saw the first film, Now You Can See Me 1 before, maybe in 2015 and it was interesting and this one was more amazing and also meaningful with the twist of the connection between the head and Morgan Freeman who was his father's partner long ago but felt regret for things that happened but that was like 30 years ago but it was something that had to happen for the healing process. I really like the rain and airplane tricks.

Friday, August 5, 2016

2016-08-05 Secret Life of Pets

2016-08-05 Secret Life of Pets: Friday, 10 PM, AC THD Q1 HCM: finished watching it at 10 PM at Anh Coffee, THD Q1, on my laptop. My name is JOEYARNOLDVN and I'm from OREGON USA. You can call me Oatmeal.
This cartoon movie is funning and it made me laughed. It featured pets and other animals like cats, dogs, mice, birds, a rabbit, gerbil, a hawk that was able to help them instead of murdering them. The hawk said he was born with a desire to eat because he is a predator. They talked about that kind of instinct in the film Zootopia. The other movie that came out during the summer of 2016, as in recently, was Angry Birds. They reference current times indirectly. You can watch movie reviews of these movies where they compare the movies to the problems of the world caused by a bad religion, Islam. People can choose to be good or bad, but some religions are doing more harm by motivating us to do bad things.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Central Intelligence 2016-07 last week or so


Started watching in the afternoon, had a class, it rained, bought a new rain jacket this morning, was at the park for a second to tell a guy of my visa problem, and then had my only class with one of the math students of my in the English class and talked about marriage and then finished watching this X Men films

Jason BOURNE 2016-07 last week of July

ZOOTOPIA 2016-07 last week of JULY maybe