Monday, August 31, 2015

Hellboy 2 at 2009-12-16 Wed 2 AM

Where? Not sure. Maybe at Dennis

Deep Impact 2009-09-23 Wed 10:30 PM PST Dennis 523 PDX JA

Deep Impact 2009-09-23 Wed 10:30 PM PST Dennis 523 PDX JA had Sunny D, pancakes that Dennis made.... and then I showered, put on pajamas, and then maybe something with cameras

Anchorman 2009-08-14 Fri 7 PM Pioneer Square with Nick Littlejohn: was at the Waterfront Park at 12 PM noon with Nick and saw like an expo of some bikes and stuff or that was at another time maybe

Incredible Hulk 2009-08-15 Sat 8 PM 414

Pan's Labyrinth 2010-02-01 Monday 9 PM Dennis 523
Total Recall 2010-02-03 Wed 9 PM apx Dennis
Tenacious 2010-02-04 Thu 9 PM apx Dennis
Fantastic Four 2009-09-13 Mon Dennis
Charlotte's Webb 2009-09-14 Mon 7 PM Dennis

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dark Matter 111 2015-08-24 Mon 6:19 PM OI Q1 SG VN JA

Miss Captain, number 2, has nanobot healing capabilities. She was shot out the spaceship, Rosa, but came back. She held on and made it back in like a backdoor. Season finale for this first season is a two parter that will air next week.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Edge Of Tomorrow 2015-08-19 Wed 3:34 AM OI JA

Sockshare: at:

I like this film. I began watching it Monday night and Tuesday mornning. Finished it today, Wednesday morning.Edge Of Tomorrow 2015-08-19 Wed 3:34 AM OI JA. Tom Cruise repeats history, as in the last day of mankind until he finds a way to kill the enemy and falls in love in the process.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Life in Japan 2015-08-17 Mon 2:20 - 3:40 PM apx oi Q1 SG VN JA

A Life in Japan - Documentary (English with English subtitles)

Published on Jan 2, 2013
Ever wondered how a life in Japan might be? 19 foreigners share their personal experiences, likes and dislikes. See the country through the eyes of, mostly western, foreign residents, who have lived in Japan between a few months and several decades.

Without subtitles:
With Japanese subtitles:
With Swedish subtitles:
With Spanish subtitles:

A special edit of the final music:

Home page:
I can't reply to some of your comments. Youtube won't give me the option. So, it's not because I'm ignoring you, it's because I can't.
+Petri Storlöpare I think that's to do with the Google Plus integration, and is actually the individual users disabling the ability to reply (for whatever reason).
+vikingfortiesfaeroes In some of the cases people have been asking questions, so then maybe they don't even know it's been disabled.
Ending song please?
+saqe hi みみずくず 「踊りましょう」
I enjoyed this documentary very much... I have never been really interested in Japanese/Asian culture until recently... I really would like to experience this. I take the negative points of the country with a grain of salt because no society is perfect. I feel what it has to offer far outweigh the cons. I'm an american with a criminal history so I don't know when I will be able to legally leave this country. I feel sad because I want to experience so many things and I don't have the money to do so. Someday maybe. Thanks for the documentary very well done.
+chaosdream1 "you're picture", "doucheeobag"...seriously, mate, your spelling says it all, casual standard ignorant. lol
+Dean Gordon oh please judge me and other people who want to be, (got to be most) on my words please. I think its just out there like the whole world n well finding people to go with who can afford to look out for each other safely is maybe what we all desire with a dream and the money to do it. I wont be flying from London my protector? always tries to stop me which iv always hated. I hate bombardment and control. You, anyone what do you hate?
Japanese Manga Stirs Up Fukushima Nuclear Controversy
+Daniel Ice Still a shogunate society....nothing's really changed in 500 years.....and Ah'm not referring to technology.
+lionstanding their standing army is only meant for defense. they cannot go to war. But yeah, i can see that they still have a shogunate society. Also, their economy is going under. It's really bad right now but has nothing to do with shogunate. just that they are in a bad place and might need to push out their comfort zone and look for outside help.
I've always liked Japan and this documentary seals the deal. Japan, here I come!
+TheJarmag fuu: (
+chaosdream1 hahahahahaha love you to :D from kyoto
Yo I wanted to see the Japanese life and your showing the life of foreigners WTF!