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Blue Bloods 101 2015-11-07 11 PM OI JA

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Family doctor comedy sitcom focused on a Korean or Asian father, mother, daughter, son, & the father's coworkers at the clinic. This show premiered in October 2015 in the United States on ABC

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Inside Out 2015-11-01 Sun 10:30 PM apx OI JA

This touched my heart

Forgotten Land should have been deeper
Inside Out is a Disney Pixar cartoon movie about a girl named Riley and her emotion, Joy, which stems back to birth, that is until Sadness began to cry. After that, Anger came with a temper tantrum. Following that was Caution which slowed Riley down. The newest emotion to arrive to the Brain Headquarters was the jealousy girl. She is like sarcasm or like coolness or something like that. This is a film review. Spoiler alert. I watched this film on my laptop today around 10 PM, Sunday, the first of November, 2015 by me, JSA L4OJ at OI. This film is an all-time favorite of mine now.
By Joey Arnold
Family Island formed inside Riley’s memory bank due to certain core memories that created such strong connections to her family. She spends most of her time with her family. This island is her first island to her personality. It is fundamental to and for our lives.
Honesty Island was a spin-off island and family value and personality trait and character that grows from the contagious suggestion and encouragement from family and friends.
Silly Goofball Island is also a spin-off of Family. Another island is Hockey. There may be other islands as well, but these are the ones I remember.
Friendship Island is also so important for social skills and for love and for family related things.
When I Riley was 11 years old, she and her family moved from Minnesota USA to San Francisco, California USA. I guess her dad had to for work. Riley had to attend a new school where she had to introduce herself in a class.
Joy was driving Riley’s emotions as she introduced herself at school. She talked about her good hockey memories but then Sadness touched that thought and made it sad. Joy tried to change the thought back, but that thought marble was stuck in the sad blues color. Joy and Sadness fight for the control of Riley and accidentally get sucked down a tube into the long term memory world. During dinner at home, Riley was empty. Her parents probed and Anger responded which triggered the Anger inside dad to say, “Go to your room.” The mother started thinking about the perfect dream man that got away and wondered why she was stuck with this guy as her husband or whatever. Anger wanted to make Riley happy but Anger is not Joy. Anger could try to say what Joy says but it doesn’t come out from the inside-out that way.
In long-term memory, Sadness began touching the marble libraries of memory which turned them blue. Joy tried keeping Sadness in a circle earlier and continued to suppress and bottle down unwanted emotions like sadness. They searched around until they ran into Riley’s imaginary friend, Bing Bong. They talked about the rocket wagon that runs on rainbow power. They run through Abstract Thought and later through Imaginary Island or Imaginary Land and there were janitors who were vacuuming old memories off the library shelves of memory and out into the abyss of Forgotten Land. There was imaginary boyfriends in the Imaginary Land. The IBF says they will die for Riley. As they travel, the islands began to crash. Riley decided to steal money from Mom and run away back to her old home to form new memories of joy as sadness lost her former good memories. Riley was like dead inside.
Joy & Sadness tried walking down a skinny path to Headquarters but couldn’t make it. They hopped onto a train of thought which suddenly stopped when Riley went to sleep. The train drivers said they were on a break until Riley awakes. So, Joy goes off to Dream Land and tried to wake up Riley through fear or joy. Police came and threw Bing Bong in the subconscious jail in the abyss of Forgotten Land. Joy gets the guards to throw her and Sadness into the jail. Joy awakened a giant clown, which is a fear of Riley, and the clown broke out of the jail and into Riley’s dream, turning the dream into a nightmare which awaken Riley. In Dream Land, the director said, “The writers put together a killer script.... play to the camera... Riley is the camera...” One Dream Star was the Unicorn.... the dreams are like movies as seen from movie like dream posters in the dream halls.
Joy & Sadness were on the train but then an island began to sink which derailed the train which eventually led to the decline and drop into the black bottomless pit of Forgotten Land. But Bing Bong and Joy sang until they found the wagon which was able to launch Joy out of the hole at the cost of losing Bing. He sacrificed himself so Joy could make it. Riley hates broccoli by the way. Joy finds Sadness who later gets stuck in a cloud. Riley made a human tower from the imaginary boyfriends and was able to swing shot herself off them and off something bouncy and was able to grab Sadness and rise to the Headquarters. Sarcasm boiled Anger into a drill of fire to pop a hole in the window to get Sadness and Joy in and Joy let Sadness take the helm as Riley began to hug her parents upon returning from an abandon run-away mission. After that, Joy & Sadness formed their first hybrid emotion memory that was both sad and happy, which then became a core memory and an island.
They lived happily ever after that until Riley turned twelve years old in which she was granted a bigger control panel with more buttons for her emotions including something about Puberty. The abyss should have been deeper and darker and bigger and the memories shouldn’t turn into dust but rather just fall deeper into endless holes and pits and stuff.
You are able to see inside the heads of the parents and at the end the teachers, students, pizza makers, and a boy who freaked out when he saw a Riley, a girl. In this film, we learn that Sadness plays a very important role and that that Joy should not ignore that. Sadness read the emotion and memory and brain manual which helped Joy and Sadness navigate through the mazes of long term memories and back to Headquarters. Amazing.

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