Friday, April 3, 1992

Newsies1992-04-03 Premiere: saw it later

Newsies 1992-04-03 Friday Premiere: saw it later
By Joey Arnold

I am not sure if I knew about this before going to the Forest Theater with my family or not. I fell in love with the singing. I was there with my mom and 3 siblings. I think Crystal was there but I think I am only assuming this.

I was singing the songs as we walked through the grass and pass the tall trees of the Pacific University on our way to a bus stop near the library.

I remember the King of New York song and also the the World Will Know song the most. The most popular song for me was the King of New York.

I remember one day when nobody was home in 1993, as I was 8 years old, when I was singing this song, dancing on the table, and having a great time pretending to be like the people and kids and Newsies in Newsies.

I do not know when we saw this film exactly but I feel that we saw this before 1993.