Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star Trek Beyond 2016-07-25 Mon 1 AM AC Q1 HCM JSA

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE - Official Theatrical Trailer (HD)

2016-07-24 Sun 10 PM AC Q1 HCM JSA:

On my laptop, I watched Angry Birds, the movie, & I'm thinking the pigs represents Muslims or bad people. The red bird may represent Donald Trump. The Eagle represents America or Uncle Sam it seems. I don't think the Eagle is Trump. But regardless of those details, they find that the pigs came there in peace or so they said and said there were only 2 pigs on the ship as they came to the bird island but there were more and they began invading or coexisting and it was like immigration and they had parties and danced and played music and the pigs acted like pigs and then stole eggs but then 3 star birds climbed the mountain to find the wisdom lake or piss pond and the there was Eagle in the cave on the top of the mountain with 13 trophies or colonies but Eagle said he was retired but the birds found a way to make a ship or boat & sailed to the Piggy Island and began to play Angry Birds with themselves and started slingshooting over towards the pig cities and buildings and the castle and the Eagle came later to get the eggs before the pigs were to eat them and Red was able to blow up the city and survived to tell the tale. He used his anger or his control to save the day and they once sang songs for Eagle but then the baby birds were singing for Red at the end.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Castle Season 8 to the end: 2016-07 before the 4th of July for a few days.

Good conclusion to a great show.

X Files 100 at 2016-07-09 Sat 2 PM TLJ LL JSA

Episode zero was good. They burnt his office to the ground. He lost stuff. His sister was abducted when she was like 8 years old, which led him to where he is now. The first episode had Seth Green as a teenager with a GF who pointed him to an area 51 like base. They took something from his brain maybe.