Thursday, January 29, 2015

Naked Gun: 2015-01-30 11 AM

Naked Gun: 2015-01-30 11 AM: OI, Q.1, HCM: JSA:

Dozens of girls were trained for 6 years. At the end, they fought to the death and 3 friends were chosen from that group to be of the Asian Dolls or whatever they call it assasins. The head woman, like Tyra Banks of female killers, made an exception to allow for 3 of them instead of only one winner.

Later, others died, and the last one falls in love with the male American Chinese detective that was sent to arrest her. She kills off the head bad guy who killed the Tyra Banks woman and her friends. She reunited with her mother and that was good. THe man searched for her and she is letting him do so for some reason. I am not sure why she is at a distance from him at the end.

Why, girl? What are you thinking?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Equalizer: 2015-01-27

Denzel Washington plays a former trained assasin, or something like that, who would see a young prostitute who would stop by his cafe before hopping into a big car of her Russian Mafia client. She would be raped and beaten at times. He talks to her and then they find her and take her away. They give him a card in case he wants to order a hoe (and not the gardening kind of hoe, but the sexual kind of hoe or whore).

One day, she was beaten and sent to the hospital. He goes to them with $9,800 USD and attempts to buy her freedom as if she was a slave. As they deny his request, he Matrix them, as in kill them. He is smart and he calculates his moves like Neo but without literally stopping time and spoons. Later, a man robs the bank, I mean the place where he works and he decides not to intervene because children were present, but later he read the man's liscense and found him and killed him with an ax. he works at like Home Depot. Later, the Mafia or the Russian Mob, sent more men to investigate and they kill some Irish people or their rivals. Later, they see the black man, played by Washington, and they go after this skilled man. He seeks advice or permisson from an older woman and a man played by that guy who played the president in Independence Day and the writer in Newsies.

Later, they go after him in his warehouse and through a series of attacks, he kills everybody and goes to Russia to kill the big boss, the end. Plus, the former prostitute goes off to college or something with money that she got from who knows where (but it really came from her but she doesn't know that), but her friend died earlier in the film.

She thanks him at the end as he carries home his groceries like a normal man, kind of like the man that Bruce Willis plays in that film where he is like a super hero in real life but has to compete with the villian who is a weak person played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Today is Tuesday night, 11:50 PM, 2015-01-27. I'm Joey Arnold, in my room by the Highland Coffee Shop, Pham Ngu Lao, Q.1, TP.HCM, Vietnam.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Vegas: 2015-01-26

Last Vegas: Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen.

Old people had a bachelor party as Douglas's character prepares to marry a 32 year old girl. He is about 70 years old. They went to Las Vegas and meet a girl that falls in love with him. The guys are school buddies. As children Michael's character let the girl of his dreams marry Robert's character, but he never knew that until now.

Forty years later, Robert De Niro was able to return the favor. He pushed Michael into the pool to talk to the girl about it. Michael breaks up with the infant and gets together with the older singer who is more his age. Robert liked her too but gave her up because he wanted to return the favor. He said that he had a full life with a woman and understand it much more than Michael who was a rich man who never settled down.

Morgan Freeman's character was supervised by his son and snuck out of the house to go out with his friends to Las Vegas. He told his son that he peed himself and that he went on a church retreat. What's that sound? Oh, I think the Holy Spirit is leaving, but I'll try to get it back. Halleluyah, when the son called. They tried to make the casino sound like a church. Later, the son came to the party in their room and he said that the family was worried. Morgan said that he is a grownup and that he wants to spend his last years doing what he wants to do. He had a stroke but he does not want to be a slave.

Kevin's character has grand kids but have not had sex with wife of 40 years in months or so. His wife gives him a condom and says that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Later, he is in a hotel room with a sexy girl who is about 22 years old. He stops himself and says that after 40 years of marriage, if he can't share this sex story with his wife then it stops becoming wonderful.

The girl was sad but shrugs, "I hope I can find a man like you someday."

Robert's wife died and he is a bit depressed at home, but then he was able to appreciate the life that he had still.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

House Of Magic: 2015-01-25 2 PM

A feud between a cat and a mouse turns into a friendship.

Tangle: 2015-01-25

2015-01-25: Tangle: Disney: the cartoon film based on the fairy tale of the girl with the long hair. I remember the song about having dreams. Spoiler alert, the mother is not even a Cinderella Step Mom but rather an old evil witch that remains young through the power of the hair. She sings that mother knows best.

Mom used sarcasm to hide her true feelings. She would insult her and then say that she loves her. She would say that she loves her more and then mom would say she loves her the most.

The girl had a frog and a frying pan. The prince had a funny horse as a side kick. He climbed up her hair to the tower and she hit him with the frying pan. Mom never let her see the stars that would shine for the girl. She ran off when mom was gone for 3 days. Mom came back and found out about that. She went through the abandon front door that was cemented away and like buried away. Mom hired mercenaries to send the prince away and to get the girl to think that he left her and that she would get caught by them. She went back with mom. She said that her mom was right. The prince went back to a place where he would be hanged for crimes. Friends, led by the horse, came and rescued him. He went back to rescue the girl but mom stabbed him.

She promised to stay with the bitch if she lets her heal him. As she tries, he cuts her hair which sucked out the fountain of youth from the mom. As the mother tried to save the cut hair, she began aging and she blew out the window and disappeared into nothing.

The girl was the lost princess and she reunited with her parents, the king and queen. One man became a famous musician later. Other people had happy endings. Later, they also got married. She learned from the wisdom of her parents. The girl, the prince, adn the real parents hugged each other a few times at the end and it was a good ending.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Babylon A.D: 2015-01-24

2008: Babylon A.D: Vin Diesel: it is a futuristic movie like Water World or Matrix. At first, I thought Russia took over the world, but I guess it is just that they start in Russia. He says the idiom "Figures" after it appears that they don't have a light or lighter that he can borrow for smoking his cigarettes.

Diesel is forced to smuggle a girl from Russia to America. They almost kiss but she is a virgin. She is from a sheltered church in a mountain in Russia. She has a ninja Japanese God Mother guardian who dies at the end protecting her.The girl is empathetic and telepathic and has like a sixth sense like the girl from the Sixth Sense or things like that. She saves his life. She dies giving child birth.

She is a GMO baby. She was produced in order to give birth to new life for the survival of the fittest. Like Padme in Star Wars, she died in child birth. Her parents are like Romeo and Juliet split between Russia and Canada. They fight over with the secret agents and body guards like an army of Iron Man men or Neo and Anderson dolls from Matrix. They die and kill for her. She feels the pain of other people and she was like sheltered and homeschool. She does not want people to die.

Diesel died at the end but is brought back by her father who sent him to find her. The mother kills the Russian mafia leader who sent Diesel to get the girl for like half a million dollars in the beginning of the film. A bomb blows up the mafia man in his tank.

Diesel found the girl and she gave birth to a baby six months after that and dies. He is left as a manly male widow.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Big White, Robin Williams: 2015-01-23 2 AM

This is the first film I remember watching after Robin Williams died in early August 2014. Before that, I last saw him in the Crazy Ones, a one season long TV series co-starring Sarah Michelle Gellar who was Buffy in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

It is about 2 AM Friday morning now, the 23rd of January 2015. I'm watching this in my room at Old Ink, 219/9 Pham Ngu Lao, Q.1, TP.HCM, Vietnam. My name is Joey Arnold, born 7 AM Monday, 1985-02-11 in Forest Grove, Washington County, Oregon State, USA.

In this film, The Big White, it begins with a sad story of a lawyer or some kind of young adult male who is trying to make ends meet with his girlfriend who is a hotline psychic worker or scam artist.

Robin Williams plays a middle age man with a sick crazy wife. They are poor and they need money. She has a disease and she needs treatment. He loves his wife and is willing to do what Walter White did in Breaking Bad. When you love people, you are willing to die for them. Like William Wallace said in Brave Heart, "You may take our lives but you will never take our freedom." Like Leonardo DiCaprio said in Titanic to the blond, "Never Let Go (NLG)."

Robin found a dead body one day and snuck it home. They live like in Alaska or in a cold place somewhere in a small city. He stuck this man in his fridge in the basement and locked it. His mentally challenged wife tried putting food into the fridge but it was locked. Robin was able to lie to her about it or something. She did not think too much about it and she did not see the body inside the fridge. Later, he tried pushing the body down a mountain on skis but that didn't work. He was trying to make the body look like his brother and make the death look like an accident. First, he told people that his brother was back in town. He dressed up like his brother and ploughed (like cut the grass but with snow) a neighbor's yard. He said to the neighbor that it was his brother.

He later put meat over the body and a bear or some other wild animal ate up some of the body.

Eventually, Robin was able to get one million dollars from the life insurance that they had. There was that man who tried really hard to disprove it. He was on to him. He knew that Robin was faking it. It also seems that Robin's wife was faking it as well and that she didn't really have a disease maybe. Later, some people kidnapped Robin's wife and demanded the body and some money. Robin lied and said that he was only getting $100,000 and they asked for half of that. They were like part of the Mafia or something.

Out of nowhere, Robin's brother appeared and was very upset and drunk. The two siblings talked and as the brother slept, Robin tried to shot him but couldn't. Robin changed his alarm clock and snuck out to pay the ransom for his wife. His brother awoke and was able to find them. As he came, he ran into the insurance man and beat him up.

The brother was going to shoot Robin but shot his wife in the back as Robin's wife was walking away. Robin told his wife to walk away. Robin ran to her as the brother fought with the Mafia people which got him shot. Robin's wife was saved by the money in the coat she was wearing. The bullet got caught in the stacks of money in the back of the coat. The brother died and the insurance man confronted Robin. They went into a car and played the listening game. The insurance man and GF decided to look the other way and to work on their own relationship together.

Empathy is key.