Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman V. Superman 2016-03-30 Wed 8 AM - 1 PM APN HCM JSA...

Batman Versus Superman Movie. From a torrent on my laptop, I saw the flashback of how bat's parents died and then how he saw his friends died thanks to Superman & Zod. Later they meet up as normal people and later they begin to fight but Bat's one weakness is his mother and he agrees to help instead of killing Superman whose weakness is the green rock and Lois Clark. Wonder Woman comes & helps them fight Doomsday who kills Superman as he kills Doomsday with the help of Bat and Wonder. Maybe Super comes back at the end or someday. Very emotional.


Super personifies Donald Trump who can save America but the world fears and hate Trump as they do Superman.

Batman V. Superman 2016-03-30 Wed 8 AM - 1 PM APN HCM JSA...

Friday, March 4, 2016

Deadpool 2016-03-05 Sat 2 PM APN HCM

2016-03-04 KUNG FU PANDA III at Fri 6 - 9 PM APX APN HCM

2016-03-04 Fri 6 - 9 PM APX APN HCM

I love that song where everybody goes Kung Fu Fighting. It inspires me to sing and dance and to smile more for the sake of others. Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, and many others are in this as the voices. Find out who you are and work together to bring Jack Black and Jack Sparrow back from the spirit realm.