Monday, January 11, 2016

Border Town & Beowolf; 101, 102: at 2016-01-11 Mon 11 PM - 2 AM

Anh Coffee, 47 Tran Hung Dao, Q1, HCM
JA, Joey Arnold
Cartoon & drama
First two episodes of these two shows

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Full House 401 at 2016-01-03 Sun 8:30 AM AC 47 THD Q1 HCM JA

Full House All-Seasons Log

Comments & Logs of the episodes of Full House.
Shows I may have saw originally:

1987-09-22 101 Our Very First Show ****
1987-12-11 112 The Big Three-O where Jesse broke Danny's car: ****
1988-12-16 209 Our Very First Christmas Show ****
1989-12-01 310 Greatest Birthday On Earth
1990-01-12 314 Misadventures In Babysitting
1990-02-02 316 Bye Bye Birdie
1990-02-16 318 Mr. Egghead where there is a court case for Danny & TV audition for Joey
1990-02-23 319 Those Better Not Be The Days where they envision themselves old: Joey & the potato chips: I thought I would get fat if I ate too many potato chips since I have the same name as Joey
1990-03-09 320 Honey, I Broke The House is where Stephanie runs a vehicle into the house
1990-09-28 402 Crimes & Michelle's Demeanor where she swims in a pool in the kitchen is punished for the first time.
1990-10-05 403 The IQ Man where Jesse is in a towel commercial but then they quit from that job.
1990-10-12 404 Slumber Party where Michelle has a pretend motorcycle & Stephanie feels rejected.
1990-10-26 406 Pinch For Pinch where Jesse attends preschools & pulls her out & tried to teach her to stand up for herself but then learned an even better lesson of forgiveness
1990-11-09 408 Shape Up had DJ skip eating. I remember seeing her not eat the bread or sandwich back when I use to eat white bread and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches at the age of 6.
1991-02-01 417 Fish Called Martin where Michelle kills the fish in a bubble bath.
1991-02-08 418 The Wedding 01 ****
1991-02-15 419 The Wedding 02 with the flower girl
1991-02-22 420 Fuller House with the dog & Michelle jumping & trying to close Michelle's suitcase
1991-04-26 425 The Graduates with Jesse playing guitar at preschool, Danny in tight clothes and a younger date
1991-05-03 426 Rock The Cradle where they play pictionary & find out Becky is having the twins
1991-10-01 503 Take My Sister Please where Stephanie moves into the bathroom
1991-10-15 505 The King & I where Jesse meets Elvis Presley at a cafe
1991-10-22 506 The Legend of Ranger Joe where Joe became the host of that show and where he began using that beaver puppet
1991-10-29 507 The Volunteer where Jesse finds out what it is like to have a baby like Becky
1991-11-12 509 Happy Birthday, Babies where they look at Michelle's baby photos book
1991-11-26 512 Bachelor of the Month where Michelle and the boy sneaks out to a restaurant to see his dad and his date. The boy went on to star in a show like maybe Even Steven or something where he is the smart kid.
1991-12-03 514 Easy Rider where Michelle learns to bike
1992-01-07 515 Play It Again Jess where Stephanie shrinks DJ's shirt which was Kimmy's and then Kimmy took off her socks and they ran
1992-02-18 519 The Devil Made Me Do It where Michelle talks to herself, to her angel & devil within, played by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen.
1992-02-25 520 Driving Miss DJ where DJ learns to drive.
1993-09-28 703 Wrong Way Tanner where Michelle scores the winning soccer team for the other team
1992-03-03 521 Yours, Mine, Ours, where they go to a pirates restaurant and Jesse and Becky imagine how their kids may end up as teenagers differently depending on who raises them... Jesse raises one kid who would ride his motorcycle in the house and Becky would raise a momma's boy
1992-04-28 524 Girls Will Be Boys where Michelle eats spaghetti in a messy way while Danny tries to get her to eat in a proper way
1992-11-17 508 The Play's the Thing where Michelle wants to be Yankee Doodle in a play.
1993-05-18 524The House Meets The Mouse 2/2 where princess Michele dines with Disney characters, Danny tries to confess his love, Jesse tries to make a baby.

Reruns I Remember Watching Eventually:
101 Our Very First Show: 1987-09-22: saw it a few times some years later
112 The Big Three-O: 1987-12-11: Jesse broke Danny's car
117 But Seriously, Folks: 1988-02-05: Joey on Star Search
209 Our Very First Christmas Show: 1988-12-16

306 Star Search: 1989-11-03.... or 117 Serious....

310 Greatest Birthday On Earth: 1989-12-01
314 Misadventures In Baby Sitting: 1990-01-12: boy's head in butter & stuck in stairway; DJ gets phone-line
316 Bye Bye Birdie 1990-02-09 Friday 8 PM apx.... where Michelle loses the bird during her first day in preschool

****maybe only saw the reruns & not the original airing